Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kat mana nak simpan Emas


Nak simpan kat mana, ikut apa kata hati anda. If you think it's safe to keep the gold at your home, then go ahead. Only you know the best where to keep your luxury belongings. Nak tebuk lantai ke, korek dinding ke, nak buat rumah macam James Bond punya bilik ke...terserah. Nak simpan kat bank pun boleh. But, for those who still looking for a safe place to keep your gold, I would suggest Royal Safe Deposit Boxes.

Royal Safe Deposit Boxes is wholly owned by HSJ Dhaliwal Sdn Bhd (670569-X) with its business address being No. 42A Jalan PJS 8/6, Mentari Business Park, Bandar Sunway, 46150 PJ, S'ngor.

4 sizes of boxes: Royal 1, Royal 2, Royal 3 & Royal 4

Kat kaunter RSDB, lupa pulak nak snap gambar guard tu, sebab dia bukan Singh ari tu, kalau Singh 'smart' sikit..hehehe

The GoldBanker kat depan RDSB & Public Gold branch Sunway Mentari.

Service Charges

  • Refundable Key Deposit Fee   RM250.00
  • Each addition, change or Revocation of nomination   RM20.00
  • Stamp Duty   RM20.00
  • Break box charge due to lost key (key deposit is non-refundable)    RM300.00
Terms & Conditions
  • Box holders must be at least 21 years old, and must produce an IC/Passport and documentary proof of residential address.
  • Maintain a Current or Saving account with any bank and establish Standing Instructions for the Annual Rental payment via the Bank or by Credit Card.
  • Payment of refundable deposit upon application.
  • Box may be opened in single or joint names.
  • Only box holders and their nominee(s) are allowed to enter the Safe Deposit Vault.
  • Children are not allowed to enter.
  • Other terms & conditions contained in the RSDB Rental Agreement shall apply.
RSDB avoid shopping complexes for the following reasons:
  • Safety of clients walking back too far a distance from the Safe Deposit Box Centre to their cars parked in the carpark & danger of being mugged on the way.
  • Impossibility of reinforcing the floor and ceiling of the vault/strong room.
  • If reinforced without proper piling/foundation, (which is not possible in an exiting building) danger of collapsing due to excessive weight.
  • No control over occupants and happenings on top floor.


Anonymous said...

The Royal Safe Deposit Boxes is the most secured, convenient, reliable SDB center and it provides the highest Insurance coverage. Their security which is the most important aspect is value for money. Their staff is friendly and they know what they are talking about.

Fantastic location, parking is right infront of their office. It is really good for Public Gold investors/clients, you pick your gold from the 3rd floor and just walk down to RSDB's vault and keep it there, don't even have to leave the building. No risk at all.

Gold Investor

Anonymous said...

But their charges are too expensive compare to others!